What is AusCorp Company?

AusCorp Company is an ArmA III Realism community focusing on a realistic but fun approach to the Milsim scene. Members of AusCorp Company are not expected to address senior members by rank or “sir”. Our unit structure and current strength can be found on the ORBAT.

What do we do?

AusCorp Company focuses on apply a diverse range of tactics and roles during each operation. Currently AusCorp operates at a platoon level. On operation each member has a vital role to the success of the mission. Whether you enjoy patrolling the streets of an afghan village on foot, assaulting towns and compounds onboard a Bushmaster, leading a raid on an insurgent weapons cache in the dark or just want to be involved in a team environment, AusCorp has a place for you.

AusCorp focuses on a firm but fun approach to realism. Don’t expect to be shouted at gratuitously by somebody of higher rank than you, however, if the situation requires it, officers will discipline members who are stepping out of line or bringing down the experience other members are having.